3 Reasons Why Bargain Shopping is Bad for Your Wallet

The economy is still shaky for the most part and everyone wants to be a bargain shopper nowadays. The problem? Bargain shopping can often be bad for your wallet.

Here’s why.

You Spend Too Much

What I often find is that in my attempts to save money by bargain shopping, I often spend more. What I also noticed is that often I purchase a product I didn’t want when shopping online when trying to save money, fortunately I found refunds manager which helped me getting a refund on Amazon.

“Buy two, get one free” or “buy three and save 25 percent” are just a couple of the common sales tactics that get you to spend more money. The logic in your mind is telling you to buy more of that product so that you receive a discount. The problem with this logic is that you often don’t really need more and end up spending money on an item that you will never use.

Instead of falling prey to these sales, shop with a list. This way you’ll only buy what you actually need and will be able to pass up on those “deals.”

You Buy Junk

I have to admit – I’m a sucker for a clearance sale. If I see a big clearance sign in the back of a store you best believe that’s the first place I am going to look.

Once again these clearance sales can trick your mind into buying junk. Sometimes I’ll see an item that I think my kids may or may not love and since it’s at a rock bottom price I’ll buy it anyways. What usually happens is I take this new item home and my kids have little to no interest in it. Now I have spent money on an item that just clutters up the home – not good.

You can find great deals on items in the clearance section – but they’re only great deals if it was something you were going to buy in the first place.

You Become Obsessed

Raise your hand if you tried extreme couponing after the TLC show Extreme Couponers aired.

It seemed the entire country wanted to try getting free items that they’d hardly ever use just so they could build up a huge stockpile.

It started out innocently enough but then chasing those deals became an obsession. Every time you walked into a grocery store you were confronted by the majority of people carrying huge coupon binders and taking long amounts of time scouring the deals.

Shelves were wiped clean by competitive couponers and the rest of us could barely find a sale item – unless we were willing to get up at the crack of dawn, that is.

Finding good deals can become an obsession. Sure you can get free or next to nothing items with coupons. But do you really need those items or a stockpile large enough to feed a family of ten for a year? Probably not. Your time could likely be much better utilized by focusing on earning more money instead of saving a few pennies.

Shop Smart

Instead of chasing down deals, spending too much money, and buying a bunch of junk you can shop smart. Make a list of what you actually need and take a few minutes to look for the best deals from there.

By doing this you’ll simplify your shopping experience and save the most money in the long run.

What are your best shopping tips?

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