3 Side Businesses You Can Start for Less than $100

The recent recession has left today’s job market stagnant. Due to this many people are left unemployed or underemployed. If you have found yourself in this position then you may be wondering what you can do to bring in some extra income to support yourself and your family.

With some hard work and planning there is a way for you to supplement your income and start a side business you can be proud of at a very low cost. You can open your own business and earn more working less, however, no matter what type of business you’re interested in cfo advisory/a> Services can help you identify key accounting financial, operating and marketing indicators to help improve profit and cash flow.

Let’s take a look at some of the side businesses you can start for less than one hundred dollars.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is working independently for several companies or clients rather than working for only one employer. With freelancing you are in complete control, you set the rates, you find clients, and you deal with the daily responsibilities of having a business.

If you have a unique set of skills or talent in a particular area, then you can turn that talent into a business. Here are some ideas to get you started freelancing:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Cleaning
  •  Mowing
  •  Landscaping
  • Web Design

The options you have as a freelancer are unlimited. You have the potential to turn your passion into profit. With hard work and some smart marketing moves from the best digital marketing agency you can make your freelance business wildly successful.

Start a Blog

The interest in blogging has exploded over the past couple of years. There are now over 800 million blogs on the internet. According to WordPress there are 10.7 billion blog pages viewed each month. Those are incredible numbers.

However, not all of these blogs are making money. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to make money from a blog, but it can be done.

To start a blog you need to have a specific topic or niche in mind. You can then setup a blog and start posting articles on your topic. In addition you can monetize your blog by selling products, advertising, and making affiliate sales.

Start an Ecommerce Site

If you have a knack for making sales and can spot a market for specific products, then starting an Ecommerce site could be for you. You can get your Ecommerce website setup for less than a $100.

To keep expenses low you can find companies who will drop ship their products for you. With drop shipping you make the sales and the manufacturer will directly ship the product to your customer. Your profit will be the retail price minus the wholesale price from the manufacturer, it is important to be able to spend your money wisely, for this, you can hire Los Angeles Wealth Management team to help you figure out what the best options are for you.

Stay Determined

If you have the drive to succeed and are willing to put in the time to make your side business take off, your income potential will be limitless. Try thinking outside of the box and zoning in on a side business idea that suits your interests, personality, and skills.

There are many people who have started their side businesses for less than one hundred dollars and eventually grew them to full-fledged businesses making tens of thousands of dollars. With smart moves and a well thought out plan, you can do the same!