5 Crazy Ways to Save More Money

You’re likely aware of all the normal ways to save money. Put a little aside from each paycheck, stop ordering pizza and eating out, don’t go on shopping sprees, etc. But here at Earn More and Save, we’re all about the unorthodox. That’s why this week, I’ve put together a little list of 5 less-than-ordinary ways to save your money so you can build up your nest egg faster. Let’s dive right in.

#1 – Double Up on College Coursework

If you or someone in your immediate family is a student, you know all too well what a drain education can be on your finances. Higher education is one of the biggest expenses for Americans today, so doing everything you can to cut the cost is a shrewd move from a financial point-of-view. Double up on coursework and take as many classes as possible and save money by cutting out extra semesters of tuition bills.

#2 – Skimp on Your Checking

Keep the bulk of your dough in savings. Transfer enough money each month to cover your bills and add a little padding to your checking. That way, when you get the urge to whip out your debit card, you won’t have the funds to follow through on impulse purchases. If you really want to buy the items you’re lusting after, you’ll need to transfer the money from savings to cover the cost. This will add an extra step that will force you to really weigh the pros and cons before you do the deed.

#3 – Cut the Cable

If you’re a television fan, try Netflix or Amazon Prime instead of that costly cable bill each month. You’ll pocket an extra hundred dollars or more by making the switch – and you may even learn to live with less television watching in the process.

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#4 – Can the Colas

Soft drinks and other sugary beverages pack on the pounds, but they can also inflate your monthly budget in a major way. You’ll better your health by laying off the colas and switching to water. Try buying a water filter for your kitchen sink and using a refillable water bottle each day to sidestep buying costly bottled water every month. This is also a great way to “go green” because you’re decreasing your waste production each month, too.

#5 – Host a Clothes-Swapping Meet

If you’ve got little ones, chances are you have parent friends in your inner circle. What better way to score a new wardrobe than a clothes-swap? If you have kids that have outgrown their wardrobe, bring all your old goods to the event so you can switch with someone who has younger kids. Then, you can snag clothes for your older kids without spending extra money for a whole new wardrobe. If you keep rotating with parent friends, you could possibly get away with buying less clothes for years to come!