5 Good Places to Look For Investment Advice

With so much information (and misinformation) floating around out there, it’s no surprise that some people are confused about where to turn when it comes to investing their hard-earned dollars. If this is your case and you are looking for something to invest in, maybe gold is a good option. We made a list of fees for you to compare with this example.

People are naturally skeptical these days, especially when they’re more protective than ever of their money in a sketchy economic climate.

In the spirit of Earn More and Save, let’s review five lesser-known places to unearth great financial advice. This blog is all about unorthodox ways to earn, save, and invest your money after all, so let’s think outside the box for this one.

#1 – Social Media

Social media has been on the upswing for years, but it’s still a newer venue in the grand scheme of things. Using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs on companies is a great way to stay on top of emerging trends and possible changes in the market.

Businesses are beginning to announce new projects, products, and services using these platforms, so following your favorite picks is a great way to get breaking news and pick stocks accordingly before a wave of investors beat you to it.

#2 – Company Websites

Since companies are increasingly turning to the Internet, their websites are important to watch if you want to keep in touch. Newsletters delivered right to your inbox can give you the inside scoop on upcoming changes and additions, so you can use them to monitor news about shares of your investment picks as well.

#3 – Online Retailers

Sites like Amazon.com are a great tool for seeking out up-and-coming investment opportunities. Online marketers already use this info to hone in on niches that may be profitable, so why not use the free data to discover emerging trends that may affect the stock market?

You can search for items that are selling like wildfire and use the information to determine longevity and profitability of specific companies. This is a great way to add little-known companies to your portfolio of investments.

#4 – Mid-Sized Personal Finance Blogs

You’ve likely cruised MSN Money or CNN for financial advice, but don’t discount the lesser-known blogs. Mid-sized blogs have garnered a following for a reason, and many are far more creative than the bigger media outlets in the industry.

Try following blogs like Everything Finance, Get Rich Slowly, or Start Investing Money, for example. You will get a far more personal viewpoint from the authors and more avid audience participation when you tune into these blogs instead of relying solely upon bigger websites in the biz.

#5 – Google

Google is a veritable treasure trove of information when it comes to buyer behavior and consumer interest. You can use tools like Google Trends to discover products, companies, and services that are on the rise. To double-check your data, use Google’s free keyword tool to find out how many people are searching for specific information.

Using new tools and thinking outside the box will help you stumble upon new trends in various industries, which will give you extra insight into potential stock picks. You’ll stay a step ahead of other investors and possibly add some real gems to your portfolio in the process.