5 Unique Ways to Save Money on Food

You already know that groceries are an easy area of your budget to save money on. You’ve probably already heard all the same boring advice: brown bag your lunch, eat leftovers, buy in bulk, etc. So instead of rehashing those money saving tips you already know about, let’s look at 5 unique ways you can save money on food.

Grow Your Own Food

How many trips do you make to the grocery store each month to purchase fruits and vegetables? Probably quite a few.

Instead of spending your hard earned money on food that you sometimes let spoil (Don’t feel bad, I do it too.) grow your own. Starting a garden does take some work but it will save you money and it’s also a gratifying experience. You’re less likely to waste food when you’ve worked so hard to keep it growing. Also if your goal is to getting healthier with healthy food, don’t forget to exercise as well with the best clothes like a pair of SB SOX compression socks.

You can also buy fruit trees depending upon the climate in your location. After you harvest your fruit and vegetable supply be sure to can some for future use. Growing your own food will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you can also decide what food you want to grow and only consume natural food which is great for those people wanting to remain healthy and even exercise with machines as the vibrating foam roller amazon which is perfect for working out at home .

Make Your Own Bread

Instead of buying bread in bulk and freezing it why not make your own? Bread is actually pretty simple to make and costs fraction of what you’d pay in the grocery store and tastes a whole lot better.

You will need to invest in a bread machine but you should be able to find a decent pre owned one for around $20. Once you get the basic concept down you’ll be able to try different variations of bread and rolls on the cheap.

Replace the Meat

Meat is usually the most expensive item in a grocery budget. If you’re looking to really save money on your groceries consider having meatless meals at least a few nights per week.

You can also use meat in small portions by serving dishes such as stews, chili, or soup. If you’re feeling creative consider replacing meat with beans.

There are many meals that require little to no meat. By incorporating these meals into your menu plan you’ll end up saving big bucks.

Opt for the Dollar Menu

If you’re anything like me you feel the need to eat out at least once per week. If you usually order combo meals this can add up fast.

If you’re not wanting to completely stop your visits to fast food restaurants just order from the dollar menu. Consider choosing two things like a hamburger and a value fry. Don’t order drinks. You should bring something with you from home.

If you treat yourself to the dollar menu you won’t have to feel guilty about spending so much money on takeout.

Drink Water

Beverages used to be a large portion of my grocery budget (and to some degree still are.) If this is a problem you’re facing start drinking water. Not bottled water but the water straight from your faucet.

You can save a ton of money by using steroids and the added health benefits are a great incentive to give this a try.

It’s easy to save money on groceries if you’re willing to put in the work. Implement these five money saving tips and you’re sure to see a drop in your grocery bill. Also if you are planning to buy new clothes and you want to save some cash, visit The Fifth Collection to get the best clothes at the best prices.

What other ways do you save money on food?

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