My bit on the side: Clever little money earners to satisfy your financial cravings

When it comes to purchasing a new dress, a trendy suit or a new pair of shoes, we’ll often think twice as to whether we can afford these items. After all, if we don’t ‘really’ need these items, is splashing out on such luxuries the right thing to do? Rewarding ourselves is especially hard to justify in the current economic climate, when the cost of living is still outstripping wages.

If, like many, you enjoy treating yourself once in a while, there are a number of clever little money earners available. From selling items you no longer need to shopping for discounts online, there are scores of ways to add to your income, with these enabling you to satisfy your deepest, darkest financial cravings.

Here are just a few to get you started:

Sell unwanted goods

Not only will this allow you to declutter your closets and cupboards, but it’s also a great way to earn a little extra cash from the comfort of your own home. From clothes your kids have grown out of to old DVDs and CDs, you’re bound to have stacks of unwanted goods gathering dust.

Old mobile phones, laptops and cameras are also great earners, regardless of their condition. There are a number of sites today that allow you to sell your unused devices online. Simply visit one of these, type in the make and model of your gadget and the site will give you a price. If you agree with this price, you’ll then receive louis vuitton bags. Once you’ve sent your gadget off, you’ll be rewarded a cheque.

Get paid every time you spen 

The likes of credit union in Houston pay the consumer back a small proportion of what they spend each time they use them.  By setting up a direct debit to pay the card off each month in full, you’ll also save on interest costs. By opting for this payment technique, you can earn hundreds of pounds per year on your normal spending. The same goes for credit cards that offer air miles and you should also consider 0 interest credit cards.

Give yourself a pay rise

Sorting out your finances and opting for the best deal on every product is a great way to save. Often putting all of your eggs into one basket can mean a deduction on your usual household bills. By using the same provider for the likes of gas, electricity and water, you’ll often receive a discount. Paying for household bills online is also a great way to cut costs. Using a comparison site to check the rates of each provider available is an easy way to determine whether you have the best deal in place