Digital Yard Sales: The Easy Way to Sell Your Stuff

I love shopping yard sales but I hate hosting them. After all, who wants to mess with collecting and keeping unwanted items for a year or two. And then going through the hassle of sorting and pricing, setting up the yard sale, and advertising.

That seems like a lot of work if you ask me.

I’ve got good news if you’re like me. Yard Sales have gone digital and it’s never been easier to unload your junk – any time of the year.

Here are two simple ways to sell your stuff online.

Craigslist – Unload Big Ticket Items & Free Stuff

Craigslist is an excellent avenue for unloading your big ticket items. Do you have furniture, cars, bikes, appliances, or exercise equipment that need to go?

If so, Craigslist is your place. Simply create a free account, choose the cities in which you want your listing to appear, and upload a picture and your selling information.

I have sold on Craigslist several times and always receive several phone calls right off the bat.

Tip: When you list your item make sure to list it for a little more than what you actually want for it. Let the buyer haggle down the price a bit so that they feel they’re getting a good deal.

Craigslist is also an excellent place to unload junk you want out of your house fast. List items on the “free section” and watch them disappear.

Facebook Yard Sales – Unload EVERYTHING

The obvious advantage of selling your items on Facebook is that everyone is constantly checking their Facebook feed. With millions of users you won’t get any better exposure than with Facebook.

Search for a “yard sale” or “garage sale” group in your city or county. If the group is an open group you will simply click “join the group” button. If it is a closed group you’ll need an invite from an existing member which shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Once you have joined your ideal group simply post your pictures and item information on the top of the page.

The great thing about selling on Facebook is that you can avoid numerous phone calls. Most people will simply comment on your item if they need more information.

Facebook yard sales are my go to place when I need to sell something. It is absolutely unbelievable how quick items sell. But, then again with so many Facebook user’s it’s not a hard feat to find someone who’s interested in what you have to sell.

Tip: Comment on your item to “bump” it back up to the top of the feed. This way you’ll get maximum exposure. Just don’t do this too often, let everyone have their chance.

Get to Listing

You don’t have to wait until yard sale season to unload your unwanted items. The next time you clear out a closet and find things to sell, go digital. You’ll be pleased with how easy and fast selling with digital yard sales can be.

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