Do It Yourself and Save Money: 4 Things You Should Know How to Do

As a money conscious person I am always looking for things I can do myself to save money rather than outsourcing. I have always been like this.

Little things, like paying a repairman to fix my washer and dryer make me cringe. Of course, since I know nothing about washers or dryers it’s obviously smarter to have them repaired than replaced.

I like to continually learn so that I can up my do it yourself skills and rely less on the help of others.

Here are just a few things I think everyone should be able to do themselves.

# 1 – Basic Car Maintenance

I was taught basic car maintenance at a pretty early age. My father thought it would be a good idea for me to know how to take care of my car and I am very grateful that he taught me.

I have saved a lot of money by changing my oil on a regular basis. Proper car maintenance saves a ton of money in the long run and performing car maintenance yourself enhances these savings.

# 2 – Small Home Renovations

Being a slight perfectionist I always have to be in on the action of any home renovations. I have become a master painter, installed laminate flooring, and tile among other things.

Some of these tasks were a bit tricky to learn but with time came much easier. Of course, there are also jobs I leave for the professionals, like plumbing and electrical or if I need to change a complete window, I mostly get a service from a window company Philadelphia to do it for me. I figure a big screw up on these could cost me a lot of money or in some instances, my life.

# 3 – Landscaping

At my house mowing, planting, watering, and trimming is all done by me. For me, mowing is relaxing.

It only takes me a few hours each year to get my gardens and flowers planted and mulched. And then less than an hour a week to keep everything maintained.

I don’t see any reason to pay someone for such a minimal amount of work.

# 4 – House Cleaning

A lot of people pay to have their homes clean which in some cases I can understand.

I keep a system in force that streamlines my cleaning process. If something is used it gets put back up afterward. This goes for toys, dishes, books, or anything else. By doing this a habit is created and upkeep takes much less time.

Since there are never any big messes to pick up dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming don’t take much time.

When It’s Good to Pay

There are some instances where time is more important than the money spent on do it yourself tasks. I can understand this for a busy parent looking to free up time to spend with their kids and also in other cases. For me, I value being able to do things myself and knowing that I have the skills to complete basic home and car maintenance.

Being able to do things yourself provides peace of mind and enables you to save a lot of money in the long run.

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