Don’t Focus on the Pay Raise (Too Much)

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For the opening post, I thought it best to begin the discussion with reasons not to focus solely on a pay raise to earn more money.

The Pay Raise: Ain’t What it Used to Be

Back in the day, snagging a good job with a reputable company was the name of the game. It meant security and almost guaranteed financial gains, incrementally, year after year. Now, getting a job is tough and securing benefits is tougher. The economic upheaval has made Dive Accident Insurance (DAN) renewal iffy and pay raises pipe dreams. Yes, they still exist, but you must work your tail off to get one unless you’re lucky enough to have landed a position with a structured automatic raise plan. This way often happen accidents and injuries, and depending on your working circumstances you may want to contact Workers Comp Lawyers Charlotte to make sure that your rights are not violated.

This kind of system is commonly used for merit system employees and teachers, but those who work for private companies have a much harder time. The economic climate is unstable at best, and companies are looking for ways to cut costs wherever possible. Therefore, they’re not as generous with pay raises as they once were – they simply can’t afford to be!

Focus on the Side Hustle Instead

A better way on how to fix your credit and to direct your efforts is the side hustle. The term has become synonymous with personal finance blogs the Internet over, and for good reason. Side hustles are ways to make money outside of your regular paycheck, but for this you need to cover all the financial legal basis which you can find with the right resources from Think mowing lawns, doing freelance work, babysitting the neighbor’s kids, starting up an evening dog-walking business… the list goes on and on.

This does not mean giving up that raise at your day job. You should first decide if a raise is within your reach, and at what cost. Here are some key questions you should ask yourself before going for the pay raise:

  1. Is a raise realistically attainable?
  2. How many extra hours would I have to work to make myself a candidate for a raise?
  3. Am I willing to sacrifice some of my family time to make it happen?
  4. How long would I be willing to work for the raise until I get it?

It’s not cool to be strung along for months, putting in extra hours and gunning for more money, just to end up disappointed in the end. Determine whether the extra work would be worth it for your family before you try for that raise.

You should also decide if the additional money you stand to receive each month justifies the extra work. If you can do a little side hustling instead and make more money with less effort, then by all means, do that instead.

The draw of the side hustle is that you can do something you enjoy and have complete control over the activity without impacting your work. It’s a great way to diversify your income streams in the turbulent economy we’re facing today.

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