How to Find Good Deals on Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is quickly approaching. If you’re like me you’ve done a little bit of shopping but still have quite a ways to go.

I, for one, am not the type to battle the crowds on Black Friday to find a few deals. I’d much rather put my Christmas shopping off a little bit in hopes of getting a more pleasant shopping experience.

Being a last minute Christmas shopper isn’t such a bad thing, though. In fact last minute Christmas shoppers can still find good deals on Christmas presents.

Here’s how.

Watch for Discounts

A lot of people completely finish their Christmas shopping in early December. Luckily, the stores usually still have quite a bit of merchandise they need to move before Christmas rolls around. This means big discounts.

You can find deals on merchandise in the weeks approaching Christmas similar to those deals on Black Friday. Only this time you won’t have to fight the crowds.

A lot of store coupons are coming out this time of year. If you see something you like be sure to browse the stores coupons before heading out. Also look for promotions that allow you to earn store gift cards or points for certain purchases.

Shop Online

Many sites offer awesome promotions on the weeks approaching Christmas. Best part? Most of them offer free shipping or rush shipping at a discounted price.

If you find yourself with no gifts a couple weeks before Christmas look online. You’re bound to find all kinds of insane pricing and shipping from online retailers. Just be sure to check the shipping terms to ensure that your gift will arrive on time.

Be sure to search for coupon codes before making your purchase. You’re liable to find another coupon code you can stack with the already awesome pricing.

Think Outside the Box

Small businesses are counting on Christmas sales just as much as the big box stores are. That’s why you should think outside the box and see what the small businesses are offering in your area. Just the other day browsing around I found an excellent site that was selling some really funny socks. They are still high quality though, so they should make for a memorable useful gift as well. The circle game funny socks are the perfect gag gift for all sock lovers! I highly recommend you check it out, as well as others that may be similar.

Spend a day visiting local stores and Mom and Pop shops to see what type of sales they have going on. You’d be surprised that some local business prices beat out the prices you see in the mall.

And, when you shop small businesses you have more negotiation power. If you see something you love but the price tag seems to hefty don’t be scared to ask for a discount.

Keep Track

In order to effectively find the best deals on your last minute shopping you need to diligently keep track of the purchases you’ve already made and who you’ve bought for.

Just because you’re a last minute shopper doesn’t give you an excuse to buy people crappy gifts for a deep discount. Keep your shopping list handy and you’ll be able to score last minute gifts that everyone will love.

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