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The Caribbean is made up of 7,000 islands spanning some 2,000 miles between South America and Venezuela, North America and the Gulf of Mexico.  The islands are of varying sizes, some very small and others quite large.

The chequered colonial history of the Caribbean, whereby territories have been claimed at various times by England, Portugal, Spain, France and the Netherlands means that the indigenous populace of the islands speak many different languages.  This is useful because the main economy in this spectacularly beautiful area is tourism from cruise ships, sailing, scuba diving and hotels among other tourist attractions.

If you want to work out how thave a Caribbean holiday on the cheap, it is important to decide where in the Caribbean you want to go, because some places are infinitely more expensive than others.  Naturally, prices vary by season but we have taken an average of prices in high season/winter (January to May) but staying in 2 & 3 star hotels.  This means that you can enjoy the carnival and won’t have to endure monsoon like rain or hurricanes.  So here are the two most economic places to go.

Cancun, Mexico

One of the Caribbean’s cheapest holiday destination and, although it isn’t an island, it is highly popular with its pure white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and busy nightlife for those who want it, or quiet restaurants overlooking the sea where you can romantically sip your margarita. You can get cheap flights from the UK depending on the dates you choose and last minute deals are always worth keeping an eye on. Accommodation in 3 star hotels can be found from between £20 to £40 per night.

The resort is mainly frequented by European travellers on a budget, Canadians and Americans.

Negril, Jamaica

More white sandy beaches can be found in Negril and an abundance of 2 or 3 star hotels that offer all-inclusive packages as well as room only.  You will pay anything between £30 and £45 per night in the cheaper hotels, but if you are backpacking or willing to stay in student accommodation it can be as little as £10 per night in the various hostels to be found there.  Negril is located over an hour’s drive from the airport at Montego Bay, but if you want to spend some time in a place which has a 4 mile long beach and still has much of its traditional charm this is a great place to go.  Although not over commercialised in terms of tourism, you will find many water sports on offer together with boat trips (click to read more about supplies )and other activities that you would associate with a tourist resort,.

Negril is a favourite among tourists from Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Holland, Portugal, USA and Canada.

Island hopping holidays and all-inclusive packages

If you shop around on the internet you can find some excellent deals on island hopping holidays in the Caribbean and some all-inclusive packages that are unbelievably cheap. Certainly backpacking is a cheap alternative to staying in one place at the same hotel and of course, you get to see more of the islands that have not been developed into resorts.