How to Work Less and Earn More

You work yourself to the bones and bring home a paycheck that barely covers the bills.

You’re frustrated and don’t know what to do to get ahead. You work so many hours that you feel like you no longer have a social life. Your hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off either. You’re not getting the recognition you’d hoped at work or the nice raise you’d like to go with it.

If this sounds like you, you are definitely working hard. But, are you working smart?

It is possible to work less and earn more. Here’s how.

Focus on Your Areas of Expertise

What can you do better than any other person at your job? If you were to do this one task for the majority of the day would your company be better off? If so, you are in the perfect position to negotiate with your boss.

Sit down with your boss and discuss the areas in which you excel. Explain why you think there would be growth in the company if you focused on this area. Ask your boss if you can do a test run. For one month you work solely on the jobs that contribute the most to the company.

If the company experiences growth due to your efforts ask for a raise. Since you are focusing on one area you won’t have to work as many hours. And, since your work is benefiting the company there is a good chance a pay increase is in your near future.

Delegate Time Consuming Tasks

Delegation is a powerful tool that allows you to focus on your areas of expertise. In the above example your boss probably would have delegated all of your unimportant tasks to another employee.

If you are self-employed delegating or outsourcing can significantly increase your bottom line.

Think of all the time consuming tasks you perform that someone else could easily do for you. Now delegate those! You will have more time to work on the real money makers therefore saving you time and giving you more earning power.

Increase Your Rates

If you are self-employed or a small business owner one of the quickest ways to work less and earn more is to simply raise your rates.

If you have proved yourself to your clients and can justify the rate increase then nothing should be holding you back. Charge all new clients a higher rate while slowly increasing existing client’s rates. Just be sure to give your existing clients plenty of advanced notice.

Work smarter not harder

If you can keep this mentality then you should have no problem earning more money while working less hours. The key is to focus on your area of expertise. There is no point in spending time working on tasks that do not contribute to company growth.

Delegate those unimportant time consuming tasks to someone else (with your boss’s permission, of course) and watch your income skyrocket.

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