Working from home – a guide to the home office and the benefits of working at home

The joys of working from home are attracting more of us than ever before. The Telegraph reports that as many as 13% of employees are now working primarily at home, and attributes the increase to the developments in business using the Internet. It certainly sounds like a great idea; no commute, no stressful office environment, no need to put on a suit. But what’s the reality of working at home, and what can it really offer you?


It is absolutely true that working from home increases your flexibility. Many jobs that allow workers to operate from home will give them the opportunity to choose when they put in their hours. If you have other responsibilities, such as looking after children, or you know that you’re more productive at unconventional hours of the day, this can be of real benefit to you.

Reduced expenses

The cost of commuting, and even of eating and drinking when working at the office, should not be overlooked. These expenses, if they’re not specifically accounted for by the company, can really eat into an employee’s salary. However, it should not be forgotten that there are expenses associated with working from home too – watch out for the side effect of increased electricity and utility bills.

If you have staff working remotely then you also need to know how to monitor remote employees so that you can keep an eye on what they are doing while working for your business.

Your own space

One of the biggest advantages to working from home is the total control you have over your working environment. You want complete silence? You’ll get it – with no interruptions from colleagues. You want blaring 80s pop music to get you pumped up for the project you’re working on? There’ll be no one there to judge you for it. But with that privilege comes the responsibility of making sure that your work space is effective and safe as well. If you’re going to be using your own premises for work, it’s crucial you have the proper insurance for working from home.

A better balance

Spending long hours in a hectic office environment can distort your perspective about what’s important. But if you change to working from home, you’ll have a much easier time knowing when to worry about work, and when to close the door on work, forget it all and go and spend time with family and friends instead.