3 Options for Using Unwanted Gift Cards

With it being only a week after Christmas I’m sure that many of you received your fair share of gift cards as presents. As an adult gift cards seem to be the most frequently given gifts. The only problem is that you often receive gift cards for places you never shop.

And, if you’re anything like me gift cards actually make you spend more money! I’ve received several $25 dollar gift card to stores. The problem? There’s nothing I want for $25. Everything that catches my eye is in the $50-$75 dollar range. Meaning, if I were to use my gift cards right now they’d cost me money.

Taking all of this into account I’ve come up with three alternatives to spending my gift cards right away. If you’re wondering what you should do with the gift cards you received here are three ideas.

Cash Them In

Luckily, there are now a plethora of sites out there that let you sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. These sites then go on and sell your unwanted gift cards at a bargain price to those who do want or need them.

The catch? You’re obviously not going to get full face value for your gift card. However, you can receive up to ninety percent of the value for them. And, if using your gift cards meant that you were going to spend more money, then this is a pretty good option.

Save Them

Next on the list, and the option I’ll probably go with, is to save the gift cards.

First instinct is to spend them. After all, they were a gift to you and you feel like you need to buy yourself something. But if you can hold off and save the gift cards for the opportune time you can really save yourself some money.

For example, one of the gift cards I received was for Kohls. Right now there’s absolutely nothing I need. But in the summer months I’m sure that I am going to need to purchase at least a couple new articles of clothing. If I can hold out until then I can save myself some money when the time rolls around to purchase some new gear.

You could also save gift cards for home renovations, back to school shopping, or to purchase someone else a gift.

Gift Them

This last option is something that I personally wouldn’t do but I know a lot of other’s are fond of.

If you have a bunch of people to buy birthday gifts for, save your gift cards and re-gift them. Couldn’t be easier right?

Or you could save them for when the unexpected gift giving pops up. For example, how many times have you waited last minute to purchase someone else a gift only to stress out about it? If you have extra gift cards handy for the unexpected you won’t have to worry your gift purchasing procrastination.

Hopefully these three ideas gave you an idea of what you can do with your unwanted gift cards.

What do you do with the gift cards you receive as gifts?

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