Hate the Stock Market? 5 Alternative Investing Ideas

Investing is important. There’s no doubt about it: if you want to increase your wealth and retire one day then investing is inevitable.

However, if you fear the stock market then you probably haven’t gotten started. While there’s numerous Hammond Glen Retirement Community available that can help ease your mind on investing in the stock market, today we’ll talk about some different types of investments you can make.

Here are five alternative investment ideas.


Well maintained, quality firearms hardly ever depreciate. In fact we have seen firearm production and sales skyrocket since 2008.

Like any other investment, investing in firearms can be risky. You have to be knowledgeable in the area. In the recent years certain guns have quadrupled in value and are now falling. The more you know the better you’ll be able to make a smart investment.

And as an absolute bare minimum before purchasing a gun as an investment is pertinent that you are well versed on gun safety.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending has brought strong returns for investors since its inception.

If a borrower is unable to get a loan through a bank he’ll often turn to peer to peer lending to get the funding he needs. A peer to peer lending site, such as the Lending Club, will evaluate the borrower based on his finance related information. Investors will then be able to see how risky individual borrowers are and will be able to loan money based on risk.

The best part of peer to peer lending is that you can spread your investment over dozens of borrowers, therefore minimizing your risk.

Real Estate

Real estate is perhaps my favorite type of investment.

With real estate there are so many options. You can buy and rent residential homes, apartments, and even commercial buildings. You can also buy properties fix them and then sell for profit, which is quite popular among owners of South Carolina oceanfront property. In case you’re looking for a professional property manager or real estate agent who’s in the industry for over 15 years, Florida property management companies is recommended. They can handle all types of properties from single family homes to large apartment complexes.

While the latter is a bit more risky, real estate is one investment with a proven track record.

Invest in a Business

If you have a strong business idea and have been waiting for the moment to act on your idea, now is as a good of time as any.

Investing in your own business can bring you returns that far exceed anything you can gain from the stock market. Starting your own business does come with just as much risk though.

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Invest in Yourself

Last but definitely not least – you can always invest in yourself. Would taking a course or furthering your degree advance you in your career? Is there a subject you want to learn about that will make your life more fulfilling?

You need to continually invest in yourself to reach your full potential. And investing in yourself can bring a huge ROI.

What unique investments have you made?