Top Software to Assist You in Getting Wealthy

Even when your personal payday loans uk methods are unorthodox (like the ones we present here at Earn More and Save), organization gives you the keys to the kingdom when you’re planning for the future. Keeping tabs on everything and having a system in place to track your spending, income, and investments is crucial to success in the economy today. People in business and investors are now using apps with their phones in tracking marketing status for their websites. It was when the internet was first conceived; the idea was to be able to share information freely across distances. That idea never changed, but the numbers of users are much larger, the speeds are much faster, and the amounts of data moved are orders of magnitude greater. The way to make sure that your website can take the load can bear the weight of traffic that you want to show up and can handle the myriad calls and requests made by your users when they come to visit is to perform the appropriate tests during development such as performance testing. Well, what is performance testing? The three types of test to run against your website are load, stress and capacity testing. Each one serves its specific purpose and each should be used to make your applications as robust and resilient as they can be.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an asset and investment management system that allows you to view and control all of you activity from one convenient dashboard. You can organize all your accounts once you’ve added them to the software, then you can choose how you’d like to track your investments – you can set them up by asset class, account, or individual security, similar to mortgage CRM solutions. Personal Capital helps you watch the market and adjust your individual portfolio based on the trends.

You can get a snapshot of the diversity of your investments, which is pivotal for making you wealthy – you can see the whole picture and that will allow you to make smarter choices. Personal Capital also features mobile apps for your phone or tablet.

Mint is arguably one of the most popular free online personal finance management tool out there today. You can track your spending, view your money habits and spot outgoing money in pie graph form. You can even save for investments and other goals, like retirement.

Mint is the original inventor of creating a portable, adjustable budget you can carry with you – and it helps you create reasonable plans you can stick while maintaining your lifestyle. Mint also provides email and mobile alerts, bill reminders, and more.

PNC Virtual Wallet

PNC Virtual Wallet is a super cool online financial management tool that helps tone down the pressure of money management. You can keep track of all your money matters and stay organized all in one place.

The tool enables you to group your money three different ways. You can track everyday spending and your monthly bills, then keep up with your short-term savings goals, and track your long-term money plans as well. Then, you can use some of PNC’s great features to further help along the process – overdraft protection, bill reminders, and more are all at your disposal from within the tool.


Manilla is a completely different kind of personal finance tracking website. It’s kind of like the bill drawer at your house, but visual and a heck of a lot more organized. I’m a natural filer, so I appreciate the simplicity.

Manilla’s different because it doesn’t analyze the details of all your transactions in order to display a tracker of your total spending behavior. It really does work like a file cabinet; you can keep track of all your bills, subscriptions, frequent flyer miles, and more when you use the platform. For me, a daily bill system coupled with an investing platform works the best. Try out all of your options before deciding what works for your personal financial situation.

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